Our family has been transformed by Young Living Essential Oils over the last eight years! Our journey with oils began in 2010 when we were faced with some health concerns that lead us to a more holistic approach to self-care. As a family, we decided to take slow and steady action to return to a fuller lifestyle in diet, exercise, treatment and prevention, and also emotional health.  We have learned quite a bit as we’ve studied, trained, and researched under some of the best in the Young Living community.

There is so much grace to make oils part of your life by taking a simple and grounded approach! I hope to give you some tools for your health journey.

With a medical degree in Applied Health Science, you can join my FB group for more info as I share how you can support the health of your family with simple and practical essential oils for immune support, emotional processing, and balanced living. You’ll find you spend less money on health upkeep when using oils, and you’ll also feel much better! We are so grateful for how they’ve changed our lives. Join us!

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