It’s often amazing how the simple things in life are really the big things in life! I’ve always been enamored by big joy in small town living.  I love simplicity, refreshment, and sincere connection. Motherhood has been an even greater amplifier of this because when my day is full of multi-tasking, the simplest focus can seem like the greatest of achievements! Over the last 9 years, we’ve spent a lot of time detoxing, minimizing, and re-prioritizing our lives in our household.  It’s been our heartbeat that “real life” needs less, unnecessary busy and, instead, more presence. With this presence, it’s been easier to enjoy, refresh, and to actually appreciate all the gifts that we’ve been given. It helps us make the next, best choice for what we are called to do and what we enjoy doing while also preparing us in advance to do it!

 This winter I started a small, self-care list to enhance my gratitude for the month.  Giving myself one small treat or goal a day has given me encouragement, sustainable motivation, and grace in the midst of creative, forward progression.  In order to spread the refreshment, consider taking a month to knock some of these simple joys off your Bucket List!  It only takes a small choice to shift your whole day to full instead of half-full.  Caring for yourself is essential, and this list is a great way to remember that!

  1. Make your bed.
  2. Iron a few shirts (you’re so productive!!).
  3. Refill your favorite toiletries.
  4. Eat fresh fruit.
  5. Look at the stars.
  6. Diffuse some essential oils.
  7. Take a walk.
  8. Sing a song!
  9. Buy that Starbucks. Try to pass on the sugar. 😉
  10. Take an epsom salt bath.
  11. Get a new chapstick.
  12. Speak up about something important to you.
  13. Do 25 Jumping Jacks.
  14. Call a friend.
  15. Drink a glass of water.
  16. Eat some legit chocolate.
  17. Read for fun!
  18. Paint your nails.
  19. Watch a movie.
  20. Handwash the dishes (with wine and jazz music).
  21. Listen to the birds.
  22. Hug a friend (on purpose).
  23. Write a handwritten note!
  24. Pay it Forward.
  25. Volunteer your time for something you care about.
  26. Take a Nap.
  27. Slow down…all day.
  28. Do a media detox.
  29. Just say “No” to something.
  30. Buy fresh flowers!

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