Welcome to my artistic space. I am so glad you’re here!

Twirl has been a gift to me, not only in the process of writing but also in the gift of community. It’s in these pages that you hopefully will find a bit of yourself, a glimpse into my family life, and a jump into my heart.  If you begin and end these musings feeling like a closer friend, inspired to be more of yourself, and engaged in the joy of your divine womanhood, my heart will be happy.  I will have succeeded.

If you know me, you know that my well goes as deep as it goes wide.  My innate joy is not necessarily as much in professionalism as it is in Presence, and this book is no different.  Written early in the morning and late at night, in between loads of laundry and the demands of home life, it is a piece of my heart. With all the options to publish a great work these days, I had choices.  And in choosing to do this creative work from the root, I decided to publish by hand and to enjoy the fruits of design and hard, honest labor.

That being said, you may see a few typos here and there.  I tried to catch them just as quickly as a mom potty-training a three-year-old.  Sometimes you get there in time, sometimes you don’t.  But don’t fret.  As you engage in the story of my recovery of performance and perfectionism and into the beauty of naturally, imperfect womanhood, I hope you find grace in the fact that I may have a few misspelled words or incorrect grammar edits.  And it’s ok.

You can breathe here.

I breathe here; it’s where we let down our guard and allow our art to be seen, heard, and accepted for what it is in the moment.  So while I may not be perfectly polished, I have come to the unwavering faith that I am creative, I am messy, and I am glorious.  I do love excellence, and I also love a good letting-go.  And most of all, I love sharing that process with others, because in sharing, we overcome and we grow closer in genuine community.  This is where we celebrate our recoveries, together.

The first nine chapters of this book focus on the quirky, prophetic, and artistic flair of the Proverbs 31 woman through my own life and experiences; she is not unattainable nor is she perfect like Scripture may have been explained to us.  Instead, I’ve seen her as fierce, gentle but strong, and even a bit scrappy as she reconciles all that comes into her path.  The middle of the book dives into the Song of Songs and how marriage transforms our lives into a greater depth of surrender, romance, poetry, and intimacy; it reconciles the places that work doesn’t, and it gives us the authority to be vulnerably seen and valued in our most honest space.  The end of the book follows with strategies and stories of my life’s process in minimalism, alignment, armor, creative miracles, and the joy of discovering my innate personality all dipped in encounter with the presence of God Himself.

So here we are: TWIRLING! Thanks so much for joining me in my passion to see women inspired to be who they were created to be, set free to love themselves and love others around them, from the typing of a single computer to the neighbor down the street, to wherever in the world this book may land.

I hope my life gives you hope.  I pray my work encourages your work.  I believe in you, and I believe in me.

Go be beautiful!!




Movement breathes

Freedom sees

The travel of essence in tow

Grasping air

And twirling fair

With oil and gladness below

We release what we feel

Radiate what we are

Express all that is trapped inside

No hiding in movement

It is or it’s not

Honesty simply cannot be denied

Move with your grace

In your makeup, take shape

Give out what you can no longer contain

Be free to be you, the choice is now due

No more sitting or sidelines give clues

In love and good deeds

Let all freedom ring

Because birth is now Heaven’s requesting


To purchase in paperback or on Kindle, Twirl your way over HERE!


  1. I just adore you and your family. What a blessing it has been to enjoy your ride of life through your joy filled love and laughter. May Many more blessings be upon you and yours!

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