For the past seven years, we’ve been adding the prayer requests of our family and friends to the tree outline on our living room wall.  Some years, we’ve hung up ornaments to represent these sacred desires and other years we’ve put up snowflakes.  No matter the year and no matter the decoration, the heart behind it has always been the same.

We want to hear what’s brewing in your life, and we want to add our faith to yours for it to come true.

Each year has come with miracles, some came quickly and some took a bit of time.  Years have also come with waiting and patience and perseverance.  There are still requests that we are praying through, continuing to ask God what our next step in the process is to see that request fulfilled. A prayer request can hold as much grit and determination, disappointment and hopelessness, and also expectation and faith as our daily lives do.  We’ve all seen heartache, and we’ve all see happiness.

This year is no different in that sense.  We are still adding our faith to yours.  It just seemed that as I walked my way through different layers of prayer the last few years, God kept seeming to expand my understanding of what that faith looked like.  I was “saved” from a very young age, and so I’ve always seemed to have a sensitivity to Jesus. He always seemed to have this first place in my spirit, even though my soul and body came along with the fall of humanity.

But as life does, it threw me some curveballs through the last 36 years, and so as I embarked on parenthood, I was challenged to see how prayer really provided.  In a deeper way and with productive results.

I knew there were a lot of avenues to try to find this understanding of God (the world is full of “options”), but I was always closely drawn to what is true, what is noble, what is of good report, and so on.  That verse in Phillippians followed me everywhere.

And so, as life became more and more chaotic with more and more children and a heavier work load for my husband, as well as other burdens that continued to keep mounting up, it became sink or swim. Find the peace or the storm will overtake you. I mean, isn’t that parenthood? Live and learn, work smarter not harder. Salvation is a gift.

And that’s where these blessings stemmed from. My first sense of God is always to hear His still small voice. He is constantly speaking if we tune our ears to hear Him.  As  I became quiet in my spirit, I realized that my mind and body got loud.  There was a lot that came along with all this transition and stress that needed expressed.  And what I needed to know was “How does this become holy?” And “How can I do this in simplicity?” I didn’t have a lot of time to myself, and I had a lot to get worked out.  I wanted to be careful that my middle-of-the-road process wasn’t unloaded onto anyone else unnecessarily, and so healthy boundaries were a must and so was a lot of room for creativity.

And so became Simple Supernatural.

I’m a writer by nature.  I feel God or my environment, and then I write in response. Then I look for Scripture that confirms what God is saying about it all. And then I refine it. And once it’s refined, I speak it out loud. And that’s how these blessings came to be.

They were simple order for my whole being in the midst of a chaotic and busy life.

Our hope is that these blessings will be the same for you this year! As a wife, these prayers were written for my husband and kids as much as they were for me.  Moms makes the world go round.  And so, it’s been so fulfilling for me to see my hand be an encouragement for David and for my kids as they’ve read through them.

I’m grateful for the sacred space that I’ve been given to be at home as a wife and as a mom; it is my greatest blessing and my greatest calling.  Christmas is my favorite time of year, and this is one of my favorite family traditions of ours!

I hoped you’re blessed, too!

If you still need to grab a copy, you can do so by clicking on the link HERE. Proceeds will be donated to the Salvation Army.

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