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Humphrey Family Mission Statement

Humphrey Family Mission Statement

There’s no day like Valentine’s Day to decide what your mission is in life.  There’s something about love–true love–that brings out the best in people.  When life isn’t about getting but about giving, when there’s a lack of entitlement and an offer of generosity, when […]

Family Core Values

Family Core Values

A few years ago, I ran across the idea of creating a Family Mission Statement.  My kids were very young at the time, and so even though the beauty caught my attention right away, it seemed a bit funny to create a document with small […]

Simple Supernatural: The Backstory

Simple Supernatural: The Backstory


For the past seven years, we’ve been adding the prayer requests of our family and friends to the tree outline on our living room wall.  Some years, we’ve hung up ornaments to represent these sacred desires and other years we’ve put up snowflakes.  No matter the year and no matter the decoration, the heart behind it has always been the same.

We want to hear what’s brewing in your life, and we want to add our faith to yours for it to come true.

Each year has come with miracles, some came quickly and some took a bit of time.  Years have also come with waiting and patience and perseverance.  There are still requests that we are praying through, continuing to ask God what our next step in the process is to see that request fulfilled. A prayer request can hold as much grit and determination, disappointment and hopelessness, and also expectation and faith as our daily lives do.  We’ve all seen heartache, and we’ve all see happiness.

This year is no different in that sense.  We are still adding our faith to yours.  It just seemed that as I walked my way through different layers of prayer the last few years, God kept seeming to expand my understanding of what that faith looked like.  I was “saved” from a very young age, and so I’ve always seemed to have a sensitivity to Jesus. He always seemed to have this first place in my spirit, even though my soul and body came along with the fall of humanity.

But as life does, it threw me some curveballs through the last 36 years, and so as I embarked on parenthood, I was challenged to see how prayer really provided.  In a deeper way and with productive results.

I knew there were a lot of avenues to try to find this understanding of God (the world is full of “options”), but I was always closely drawn to what is true, what is noble, what is of good report, and so on.  That verse in Phillippians followed me everywhere.

And so, as life became more and more chaotic with more and more children and a heavier work load for my husband, as well as other burdens that continued to keep mounting up, it became sink or swim. Find the peace or the storm will overtake you. I mean, isn’t that parenthood? Live and learn, work smarter not harder. Salvation is a gift.

And that’s where these blessings stemmed from. My first sense of God is always to hear His still small voice. He is constantly speaking if we tune our ears to hear Him.  As  I became quiet in my spirit, I realized that my mind and body got loud.  There was a lot that came along with all this transition and stress that needed expressed.  And what I needed to know was “How does this become holy?” And “How can I do this in simplicity?” I didn’t have a lot of time to myself, and I had a lot to get worked out.  I wanted to be careful that my middle-of-the-road process wasn’t unloaded onto anyone else unnecessarily, and so healthy boundaries were a must and so was a lot of room for creativity.

And so became Simple Supernatural.

I’m a writer by nature.  I feel God or my environment, and then I write in response. Then I look for Scripture that confirms what God is saying about it all. And then I refine it. And once it’s refined, I speak it out loud. And that’s how these blessings came to be.

They were simple order for my whole being in the midst of a chaotic and busy life.

Our hope is that these blessings will be the same for you this year! As a wife, these prayers were written for my husband and kids as much as they were for me.  Moms makes the world go round.  And so, it’s been so fulfilling for me to see my hand be an encouragement for David and for my kids as they’ve read through them.

I’m grateful for the sacred space that I’ve been given to be at home as a wife and as a mom; it is my greatest blessing and my greatest calling.  Christmas is my favorite time of year, and this is one of my favorite family traditions of ours!

I hoped you’re blessed, too!

If you still need to grab a copy, you can do so by clicking on the link HERE. Proceeds will be donated to the Salvation Army.

“40 Days to a Joyful Motherhood” Online Book Club!

“40 Days to a Joyful Motherhood” Online Book Club!

  Hello Hello Hello! I know, it’s been awhile!  One thing you’ll notice about our quirky Humphrey Table blog is that, well, I am not exactly consistent when it comes to my updates outside of our actual kitchen table!!  A tragedy, I realize, as I […]

All that Quiet. All that Noise.

All that Quiet. All that Noise.

You guys! Thanks for joining me on this June detox towards Minimalism! I know that I cleaned out (more) closets in my house, minimized more clutter, made more human connections in real life, and also created some healthier boundaries for myself simply by writing to […]

Social Media Balance.

Social Media Balance.

SO! We’ve talked about minimizing our lives of excess, about narrowing down what we wear (and our dirty laundry), about those friendship layers that give us support and also give us clarity, and now we can talk about the technology! I promise we will get to the food and the recipes…it’s just that sometimes it’s better to eat on an empty, clean stomach than to feed one that doesn’t need more.  You know what I mean? Let me finish off this month of June with these minimizing strategies, and then all of July, we will focus on the filling up! In fact, July on this little bloggy dog is ALL about self-care for mom’s as well as some fun, healthy, and filling breakfast recipes, and I think you’re really going to like it!

But, first, let’s go back to that source of all the God-loving and God-forsaking recipes: Pinterest. And Facebook.  And Instagram.

I mean, really. We can get the best of everything on there, can’t we? We can also get the worst of everything there, too. Whether it be looking at the “best” and then feeling the “worst” or the spending hours staring at a screen when there is a person sitting next to us; it really is the best and the worst.

I spent some time last year diving into this topic as I kept running across young moms who were taking social media breaks because they felt like they were addicted. Moms…and addictions…that’s a whole other topic but it’s also this one, and so I felt it was important to chat about in a series on Minimalism.

It’s no secret that social media can share the most beautiful moments and also the most devastating events of emotional throw up all in one package; it’s fun to have a place to share and it’s also a good idea to set some boundaries in that sharing.  It’s also fun to see pictures of our beautiful friends’ faces and validate that beauty–because it’s true–people are beautiful.  In addition, it’s a good idea to remind ourselves where the value of beauty comes from, not just in a well-taken photo, but in the grit of real life, the human heart, and the sacred mundane and adventurous conundrum of our existence.  We were created for connection and for relationship, and yet I keep hearing people say “Can I just find a friend who is REAL?”

A REAL friend, opposed to a friend you only see photographs of.  That is interesting! A friend who will show up for you when you’re sick as a dog and need your three kids’ babysat in a second’s notice.  A friend who won’t try to fix you or judge you by a status but will get in the dirt with you and let you be honest with your feelings.  A friend who takes a good selfie on the phone and also in her heart. We want the people to be in our lives who will show up for the party we throw, even if there are no phones allowed and no pictures taken of that party. We want those kind of friends.

And if that’s not enough, we also want the creativity and the release. We like the speed of a technological world, and we like that we have a platform to share whatever is in our head.  We also can value from what other people share and learn new things. This is what makes social media amazing!

But with this comes the wifi overload, the inherit checking of the phone when notifications come in, and the constant availability to see how everyone is having a great day when your day is the worst.  It’s the truth.  It’s also the worst.

So, with all these paradoxes, I’ve come to narrow down a few things that help me……maybe they’ll help you, too.

  1. You don’t have to de-face yourself.  Take breaks if you need to, yes. But please come back. It’s nice to see you!
  2. Narrow down a time or two a day when you have the availability to check in. Refuse to allow the notifications to interrupt your daily life.
  3. LAUGH. Social media is supposed to be fun. Post as many videos as you can of funny baby animals wearing sunglasses and getting their bellies rubbed.
  4. Learn from what you watch. Social media is a great resource!  I never would have decided to cook more if it hadn’t been for the visual aid of those cute overhead videos where people are cutting vegetables and putting them in the bowl, then highlighting the temperature, then showing me pictures of what it would look like when it’s done. A 2 minute cooking show–PERFECT for moms!
  5. Don’t take everything seriously and be careful at times.  If it’s a depressing or controversial news type of day, just stay off the inter webs. People will be crazy, and it WILL bring you down!
  6. Remember that people are usually showing photos of the best parts of their day.  It’s not their whole day.  We all lead lives that include boredom and stress.
  7. Call a friend and make a coffee date. See them in real life.
  8. Let social media add to your life, not take away from it.  Balance it, and it can serve you well! Spread your joy, and enjoy the process of others.

This may not cover all the bases, but it gives social media a healthy place in our lives without feeling like it’s a lost cause or that it’s the only cause of life.  I do my living off the grid, but I love popping in to say hi and to stay connected to relationships easily.  The friends who I need to be there for, I will be there for.  There is a difference!

For the last week of June, I’ll finish up our series on Minimalism by writing about Quiet–what to do with the internal noise once you’ve gotten rid of all that outer clutter.

Doesn’t that sound amazing? It’s one of my favorite practices in life. See you next week!


Friendship Circles.

Friendship Circles.

  A young mom needs to know who her people are. It’s important. In a season where you mostly show up with no makeup on, hormonal outbreaks on your face, emotions that range from A to Z, and very few hours of sleep at night….you […]

Wardrobe Capsules.

Wardrobe Capsules.

I never really understood school uniforms. Probably because I never had to wear them. I went to public school growing up (and loved it!), so I was always able to choose my own clothing as long as it fit within a few boundaries.  There was […]

Let’s start with Minimalism.

Let’s start with Minimalism.

Our blog will be full with a lot of topics on creativity and family fun and messiness. While David is gathering some top secret information for you on his famous pancakes, I wanted to do something practical for the moms as we jump into summer. You’ll hear from both of us, at different times, on different topics. So first, let’s get back to the messiness!

I highlight messiness because we’re creatives.  I also highlight it because we are minimalists (except for in the garage; that place likes to get a little rowdy).

One of my greatest assets as a mother has been minimizing my material belongings, simplifying my schedule, and expressing my creativity. These three practical steps have brought me so much joy in parenting.  The grunt work, the emotional stimulation, and the physical load of motherhood is heavy.  It’s just the way it is. We are nourishing human beings–husbands, children, and hopefully also ourselves, and sometimes the weight of that important work is tiring.

As a creative person, though, I’m also constantly seeing and dreaming and gathering ideas. And so are my children and creative husband.  This has brought me so much stimulation (and also anxiety at times), that I realized that if I wanted to live the life I dreamed of as a person and as a mother, and if I wanted to create the environment for my family to do the same for their unique days and journeys, then I needed to clear the clutter.

David and I both like to be busy. We are movers, and we like exercising our bodies, skills and gifts.  But it’s really difficult to be in a good flow if there is too much in the house or in the schedule.  Kids need space to be free.  Parents also need space to be free and to be reminded of their own personal joy.

And so I adopted a little slogan for our family: “Keep it simple.  Keep it free.”

This being said, we’ve cleared a lot of clutter over our 13 years, and we’ve axed a lot from our schedules, so that we all have the room to be at peace and in motion and in the glorious process of messy creativity.  There’s nothing like watching a river flow. It brings a sense of beauty and also a sense of rest.

Sometimes we look like that beautiful river.  Sometimes we look might look like white water rafters.  We’re in process, too.  But what we do know, is that when there is less clutter and less unnecessary busyness, there is a lot of room to jump in the water for fun.  And when a little chaos comes, it’s not the end of the world, it’s simply part of the process.

So, to kick off summer, I wanted to start a small self-care series for Mom’s on Minimalism! From wardrobe capsules, to choosing a few good Mama friends, to social media boundaries, to “cleaning out” the medicine cabinet, to exercise and more….some tips will follow!  I like living a full life, so I’m careful that the few things I put in my schedule and in my heart are what make me thrive.

First up will be downsizing that wardrobe! For you and for the family. Less laundry—I’ll take it!

My Grandma had this sign in her kitchen that said “Bless This Mess”

My Grandma had this sign in her kitchen that said “Bless This Mess”

David here… So, this is the part where we are supposed to tell you what this blog is going to be about. Well lucky you…we occupied the kids for a few minutes in the backyard with a giant bag of M&M’s and a pile of sticks…and with […]