Twirl was released several weeks ago, and it is starting to make its way through town and across the country, into the homes and lives of those who want to partake of its creative essence.  The world is full of ideas and strategies on how to live better, look better, make your dreams happen, and feel fulfilled.  We are taught to want to rule the world around us, gain our acceptance from the applause of others, and keep fighting to keep up with unrealistic and the less-than-restful status quo at which our society operates.


Twirl is different. The idea of a big book launch was of no interest to me in this particular situation.  It’s not that I have anything against book launches; I love watching a rocket take off with great force and great speed, showing us an example of power and awe, strength and the appreciation of design.  But Twirl doesn’t follow that pattern. It’s not so much a huge, forceful push as it is the gentle flow of a skirt.  It’s the girded strength of delight, the joy of an unbridled laugh, and the acceptance of a hug from God.


We all search for comfort. We all search for a place to express ourselves, to be invited, to be loved for who we are in the moment, and to be free to be fully us.  That’s what Twirl carries.  It’s an invitation to sit down, take a sip of story and community, breathe, and let go.


It might carry more healing behind the writing than it actually does in the script, because that’s what writing does for us.  It helps us release the power of God’s story in us, the joy of His heart in our process, and then the outflow of that process onto paper.  For me, writing is about bringing Heaven to Earth from His spirit to mine.  It’s not always about the finished product or the polished pitch, though that is also beautiful.  It’s more about the intentionality, the grace, the opening of my heart to salvation again and again.  It’s about His heart choosing mine, and my scope of understanding that grace in new ways and in different circumstances every day.  Writing is a place of letting go, a place of embrace, and also a place of surrender.  When the thoughts are on the paper, they are no longer in my head.  And after sharing this breath with God, the explanation of it seems to make it more tangible.  It makes it available for community and friendship, and relatability.  It invites others into the swirl of God’s pleasure and into the art of creative process.


So, as Twirl continues to float its way in and out of mailboxes and electronic screens, and into the hands of people who want to see paint fly and heart express, I hope it find its way to you in His grace and in His timing.  There’s no pressure, and there’s no control; it’s the just the result of my life of prayer and the sway of my skirt.  As His healing continues to waft over me, I hope that it spins it’s way over to you so that we can live part of life together, in a place of communion and also in a place of art.


You’re free to be you here. Messy and glorious, continually growing and full of creativity.


I’ll be seeing you………..





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