Our blog will be full with a lot of topics on creativity and family fun and messiness. While David is gathering some top secret information for you on his famous pancakes, I wanted to do something practical for the moms as we jump into summer. You’ll hear from both of us, at different times, on different topics. So first, let’s get back to the messiness!

I highlight messiness because we’re creatives.  I also highlight it because we are minimalists (except for in the garage; that place likes to get a little rowdy).

One of my greatest assets as a mother has been minimizing my material belongings, simplifying my schedule, and expressing my creativity. These three practical steps have brought me so much joy in parenting.  The grunt work, the emotional stimulation, and the physical load of motherhood is heavy.  It’s just the way it is. We are nourishing human beings–husbands, children, and hopefully also ourselves, and sometimes the weight of that important work is tiring.

As a creative person, though, I’m also constantly seeing and dreaming and gathering ideas. And so are my children and creative husband.  This has brought me so much stimulation (and also anxiety at times), that I realized that if I wanted to live the life I dreamed of as a person and as a mother, and if I wanted to create the environment for my family to do the same for their unique days and journeys, then I needed to clear the clutter.

David and I both like to be busy. We are movers, and we like exercising our bodies, skills and gifts.  But it’s really difficult to be in a good flow if there is too much in the house or in the schedule.  Kids need space to be free.  Parents also need space to be free and to be reminded of their own personal joy.

And so I adopted a little slogan for our family: “Keep it simple.  Keep it free.”

This being said, we’ve cleared a lot of clutter over our 13 years, and we’ve axed a lot from our schedules, so that we all have the room to be at peace and in motion and in the glorious process of messy creativity.  There’s nothing like watching a river flow. It brings a sense of beauty and also a sense of rest.

Sometimes we look like that beautiful river.  Sometimes we look might look like white water rafters.  We’re in process, too.  But what we do know, is that when there is less clutter and less unnecessary busyness, there is a lot of room to jump in the water for fun.  And when a little chaos comes, it’s not the end of the world, it’s simply part of the process.

So, to kick off summer, I wanted to start a small self-care series for Mom’s on Minimalism! From wardrobe capsules, to choosing a few good Mama friends, to social media boundaries, to “cleaning out” the medicine cabinet, to exercise and more….some tips will follow!  I like living a full life, so I’m careful that the few things I put in my schedule and in my heart are what make me thrive.

First up will be downsizing that wardrobe! For you and for the family. Less laundry—I’ll take it!

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