“Your circumstances suit you. You look happy!”

It’s what we all want. To live and to thrive, to pursue happiness.  It’s in our bones because as we are happy, we can give freely.

Isn’t it amazing the way we cheer up with simplicity? Happiness doesn’t need to cost much. It can be as easy as a new book, a cup of hot coffee, or an evening with wine.  It can be as full as a cross country move, simplifying your life, or gaining a new friend.  Happy is beautiful. It’s charming, and it’s sweet.

I believe we’re supposed to be happy; not depressed.  It’s good to pursue the boundaries and the delights in life that bring about a state of glee for us.  Happiness is often a state of self-care, announcing to the world that you value what happens in and around you.  A sister to joy, it brightens the room, makes people smile, and warms the hearts of those who encounter it.

What makes you happy?

Where can you make adjustments in your life to bring you into beauty?

Find the happiness in everything.  Build into your life with the positive side of things. Proclaim the goodness of the God, who made you and delights in you!  You deserve joy, and you deserve delight. He loves you.

Simply put: be generous with your being!  Give from a cheerful spirit, and bring refreshment to those who can use a hug.


P.S. Don’t feel guilty about it! Happy is practical. And it doesn’t mean that seasons of hardship won’t come; it just means that there is value in seasons of glee! A few changes here or there can be made in everyone to find the balance our lives call for. We each have a choice, and we each have provision.  He always cares for His children.  Create the life you He’s called you to as well as the one you desire, and give that sweetness away. The more you receive from Him, the more you can pass along.

“The foolish man seeks happiness in the distance, the wise grows it under his feet.”
James Oppenheim

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