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Sarah’s Space

An author, voice over actor, Young Living wellness advocate and more, Sarah spends her free time pursuing her unique entrepreneurial spirit while using her health science education to boot!  Her writing and doodling has most notably been featured in stores around the country in her devotional and adult coloring book, “40 Days to a Joyful Motherhood“, while her voice can be heard in Reese Peanut Butter Cups advertisements, as well as in children’s books and commercials for Warner Bros, Worthy Publishing, and B&H Kids.

You will often find her sharing her love for wholeness, health, and creativity through her immune boosting classes on essential oils, through small group women’s retreats with friend Marabeth Poole, and as a Desert Song Collection collaborator & writer for Fearless Memories Jewelry, a Nashville-based jewelry company dedicated to faith, music, and philanthropy.  In addition to this, she most favorably lends her childlike joy as a volunteer and mother’s advocate for the internationally-recognized camp for medically fragile children, The Center for Courageous Kids.  Creativity and nurturing is all around her as she continually cultivates new opportunities from the life of The Humphrey Table while bringing it to those around her.

To contact Sarah to speak at your women’s retreat, youth event, or for a general session, you can email her a request at She does in-depth essential oil consultation by referral only. Her favorite topics to speak on are: Discovering Your Divine Design, Wholeness & Emotional Health, Creative Prayer & Miracles, and JOY!



To purchase Sarah’s books or hear/watch demos, you can click on the links below:




40 Days to a Joyful Motherhood

Simple Supernatural 


I Am a Courageous Kid!




Hear part of Sarah’s story through podcast:

Style and Grace Podcast Interview: Unpack Your Calling

Listen to her commercial work for Reese Peanut Butter Cups (2010):


Hear more audiobook samples below:

“Secret Life of Bees” Demo:

“A Tree Grows in Brooklyn” Demo:

“Eleanor, Ellatony, Ellencake, and Me” Demo


You can also listen to Sarah’s voice on these pop-up books available through Amazon!


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