Hey Friends!

I wanted to let you all know that I’ve started my “Artist/ Entrepreneur” Instagram @the.table.and.bath if you want encouragement for spiritual, emotional, and physical health–along with laughs and joy in the EXTRAordinary of life!

One Fall/Winter goal I have for myself is to start sharing the deeper truths and daily tips I’ve learned along my journey–mostly since becoming a mom. I started doing this a few years ago in this blog space but haven’t had the opportunity for consistency because of so much transition with school and work. That’s all changing now!

My life is a miracle, and I’m grateful for all the places inside me that have been healed and saved, so I love having a place to express that in a practical way! How Enneagram 4w3 of me! 🙂

I’ll be giving away each of my self-published books one chapter at a time throughout the next 6 months right here on this blog, as well posting about funny things my kids say, the household projects David and I are working on, tips on how to use essential oils, and probably deep thoughts I come up with while drinking my morning coffee (sure to be entertaining!). I’ll also share some one-of-a-kind “small business” items that I have for sale like amazing, organic bath bombs & warm, fuzzies scarves. It will be simple & sweet….a great outlet for me while I ride with the Wind!

Jump in if you like….it’ll be like a fun road trip with lots of pictures.

I’m officially a #freebird!

See you soon!

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