Life is full of every day miracles, all we have to do is look. I love adventure, the joy of trying something new, and the opportunities that “getting out of the box” have to offer. I don’t necessarily need the stimulation as much as I enjoy listening for God’s cues and responding to them. The Bible says He speaks in a still, small voice, and it’s those who search out the hidden things that find them.

So much of what is hidden is actually right in front of us. I think it’s why I’ve grown to love homeschooling over the past few months. Miracles present themselves everyday in our house in both the form of mathematic equations and also in forgiveness, truth, grace, and struggle. These are the little things that turn into the big things, and it’s my purpose as a mother to listen, establish boundaries, and also give room for expression within a context that allows creativity and education to flow.

We are loud in our house. We say what we need to. We work really hard to listen to one another well. We don’t hold back truth, and we also work to gather in behavior that doesn’t have a healthy release. Sometimes it goes well and other times we all end up apologizing to one another. Both are beneficial because I think we’d all rather have the honesty than the denial. It’s simply how David and I are wired, which obviously translates to our kids. Don’t give us an easy road with comfort and lies, give it to us straight so we can add some dessert.

Though the process can often be bypassed by society standards, I’m a process person. I love movement and flow but not without depth and understanding; I think it’s why the emotion part of the journey is so important to me.

Having the kids home this year has given us more room for crucial, yet simple keys in our everyday process:

  1. Grief is a blessing. When we truly acknowledge grief, disappointment, failure, and woundedness, we have the opportunity to actually move forward. Grief shouldn’t be rushed nor should it be overlooked.
  2. Joy is found in the deep things like longsuffering, service, and grace. Happiness is the sister to joy found in discipline, fun, and growth. They are not the same, though they can be complements.
  3. Peace is an outward expression of inward success. Anxiety is the cue to create, to move, and to let go. Often times this means being alone and slowing down–not adding an activity.
  4. Patience is practiced. It’s hard to be patient when we’re in pain, so learning how to process productive pain as well as putting boundaries on unnecessary pain are the roots to a life with more ease.
  5. Nothing from the outside will ever give a person the satisfaction of God’s love on the inside. Go deep and wide; refuse fast and shallow.

We’re working on it! This is the structure of everyday miracles in our house. This is where roots of true success start to prosper. We fall, we stand, we drag our feet at times, but we always get up. Because there is always a miracle waiting for us to arrive!

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