When Memarie and I first started collaborating on this collection of beautiful bracelets, we kept being reminded of God’s heart for the restoration and beauty of women.  In an upside-down world where the value of women is often degraded, abused, and exploited, it can seem difficult for young girls and women to understand their worth and their unique design.  It’s our heart that in sharing this story in Hosea, that each young girl and woman could be represented with dignity, beauty, and design whether her path has been strong, broken, or battered.  We hope that you will connect with a tribal name & prophetic poem for yourself, as well as share this collaboration with other women who might relish in a reminder of her inherent and God-created redemption and grace.



by Fearless Memories Jewelry


Bringing awareness and support for the beauty

and restoration of women.


Inspired by Hosea 2:14, this line of bracelets was created to bring hope and restoration to the beauty of women.  The wooing voice of God combined with the simple elegance of jewelry, you can choose 5 of these designs below to honor your identity and calling as a female.  Wonderful for young girls and seasoned women alike, express the joy of desert creation as you carry these tribal reflections of His love for you.

 “But then I will win her back once again. I will lead her into the desert and speak tenderly to her there.” 


Rushing Wind

powerful and brave, you bring

refreshment and refinement

wherever you go


Desert Flower

blooming and gracious, you exemplify

God’s hand and heart in your daily life


Joyful Sun

radiant and serene, you give sweetness

and beauty to those

in need of a refreshing glow


Serenity Sky

glorious and peaceful, you are beautiful

and larger than life

in a manner that dispels fear


Dewdrop Oasis

romantic and colorful, you redeem

others in your oasis of art

and experience



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