There was a time I was very, very hungry.  Which is about every hour.

I asked David to make me some breakfast.  Like a good chap that he is, he proceeded by making me one his famous pancakes that was bigger than my entire face.   You see how little my feet look in comparison???

It-was-amazing! Our first few recipes for our index will consist of a variety of David’s secret recipes.

You don’t want to miss out on this monumental, phenomenonal, even-better-than-Cracker-Barrel, cake of awesomeness! He’s going to reveal what he says is the “perfect storm” of combos to make this rediculously amazing flapjack.

Follow us to find out when he decides the finally reveal some of David’s Famous ‘Cakes.


Hey guys, David here…Sarah’s right.  I share a few secrets here and there.  Like my dad, I try to perfect my culinary skills.  It takes time people.  I hope I don’t give ya’ll food poisoning.  But if I do, at least it’ll be tasty food poisoning.

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