We’ve entered the season of Lent.  It’s a time where we mourn and listen and be.  At least it is for me.  It’s a time when I purposely and proactively focus on not only death and resurrection but also on forgiveness.

Several years ago, I spent 30 concrete days specifically journaling about my thoughts toward forgiveness. I knew that God had spoken to me about these 30 days, and all He asked of me was to put my daily thoughts and honest emotions on the page.  At the end of 30 days, He said I would have written a book about forgiveness.

I didn’t know what that meant at the time, but I followed my instructions.

It was honestly one of the worst months of my life. In fact, it felt like most of hell was against me.  I was ridden with anxiety, anger, and sadness.  My life was in major transition, and I had way more questions than I had answers. I felt like I lacked choices in so many ways and that life had pushed me in a corner. If this is what forgiveness feels like, I could feel every wave, needle, dig, and scent.

What would happen as the years progressed was that a story would develop to fit all the feelings He had me walk through.  That’s how God usually works with me. He speaks. I listen. I write out what I feel and think.  And then He says, “Now look for who you are in Scripture. There’s a love story in all of it.”

I’d always been interested in the stories of the women in Scripture who gathered near Jesus.  Whether the women who anointed Jesus in His death and tomb, to the prostitutes who were defended and honored by Him, the bleeding woman who He healed in an instant, to His very own mother who raised and nurtured Him.  Who were these women? The ones who encountered Him in the flesh and always walked away new?

That’s how Jesus has shown Himself in my life. He is Forgiveness. The only God who died for me in transgressions and then rose again to set me free in fulfillment.  And my question has always been, what can I bring Him in return? What offering would be sufficient enough to express my gratitude?

And that’s when I was introduced to His healing oils. It wasn’t a gift of gratitude because I gave Him something of worldly value. Instead, the oils came from the very Garden and ground that He first created. They were used with prayer and faith to heal my DNA, and also physically create the opening in my mind to allow me the opportunity to give Him my full heart and my full being.  And it’s in giving Him my thoughts, desires, honest emotions, actions, and actual physical health that He would fill me anew with resurrection life and purpose and destiny.  We are Temples of the Holy Spirit, and it’s in Him that we have any life or movement at all to give.  And so why would we not want to give Him back our whole healed selves? He doesn’t need worldly value, He has simply asked for our hearts.

And so became “Create Something Beautiful”.  As He had His way in my heart, I wrote it down.  And in the messiness of my own spirit, soul, and body, He revealed Himself to me as Forgiveness.  And after I processed as much of His holiness as I possibly could, I translated it onto paper in the most practical way I knew.

As a story.

I hope you’ll join me in this Scriptural woman’s story of redemption with these Ancient Oils of Scripture.  Though the book is a practical guide and fictional in some regards, the oils can be used as a complement to enhance the prayer work in your own unique heart and circumstances.

I’m looking forward to Easter more this year than every before…………..

You can find the link to order “Create Something Beautiful” HERE on Amazon.

If you are familiar with essential oils, you can order an Ancient Oils of Scripture kit through Young Living. If you are new to them, you can order a simpler starter version (Lavender, Thieves, Release EO’s) from Young Living or email me for an essential oils consultation at s.humpdee@gmail.com. I only accept personal oil orders/consultations from family/friends/or close friend referrals!

He is Rising! Happy Almost Easter!




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