In all things big and small, Jesus is my refuge.  He is my hiding place and is the wellspring of where all True Life flows.  We hide in Him: in His presence, in His rest, and in His peace.  One of the best ways I’ve found to be in God is to be aligned with God. It’s true that when we cry out to Him that He answers us, but He also gives us clear instruction on how to abide in Him.  He gives us wisdom on how to receive His love and also how to remain in His love.  Our relationship with God is not passive but active.  It is restful, in the sense that He is God, and we are not. We can have peace in that fact. Yet our relationship is active in the sense that He gives us structure and boundaries and guidance in order to remain in the love He has so lavishly and graciously provided.  He has done His part; it is finished.  And yet we get to steward what He has done, through His grace and through His truth.

My favorite way to rest in this place of Refuge in God is to bless myself spirit, soul, and body. Culture may call it self-talk or affirmations, but I see it as a chiropractic visit in the spiritual realm. It is calling my spirit to the front to lead–because Jesus resides in me there.  It’s also calling my soul and mind into peace, so the mind of Christ can reside in my thoughts and in my emotions.  And it’s calling my body into a place of healing and strength because my natural body flows out of my thoughts, which are connected to my spirit. When we are re-charged and resting in Him, we flow out with life from this place of Refuge.  He has created us spirit, soul, and body.  And it is through Him that we are made whole.  “In Him, we live and move and have our being.” Acts 17:28

Below is a small example of a prayer I do to align myself to God’s spirit each day: He is our Refuge, and we find ourselves in Him! I hope it brings you rest!

I call my spirit forward in the name of Jesus, to be blessed and to be honored. Scriptures say that You are our refuge and strength, and so I bless myself with security. It is in our place in You that we gain rest, peace, and protection.

May my spirit hide in the Presence of God. May I allow myself the grace to let go, to be, and to breathe. May I find quiet where needed, healing where wounded, and authority where weak.  May my heart be open to the still beating of Your heart, the one that always matches the ache in mine.

May my soul understand that You provide. It is in times of movement and in times of rest, that your feathers cover me and the mind of Christ is received.  You are all I need. May my body relax in the supernatural flow of peace. Your security covers me.

I ask for alignment in all these things. May God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit align me spirit, soul, and body today.  May I receive revelation from your Voice and confirmation in your Word. May my mouth always praise You.

God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. Psalm 46:1

Every one needs to know how much Jesus loves them! He is the Savior, Lover, and Redeemer of our spirits, souls, and bodies. Grab more blessings below, and let Him love on you! Add a Young Living essential oil like Hyssop or Frankincense to your forehead for a supplemental boost. Repeat as desired!

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