Think good thoughts! Create a new habit! Have a lot of fun!

This has been our theme for school and life this January. It’s been really fascinating to take large problems and break them down into bite-sized strategies for our kids because it always ends up being a new strategy for us as well.

As adults, it takes a lot of responsibility, sobriety, and awareness to trudge through the current world and it’s state of affairs. The fact that babies are allowed to be aborted basically until birth sends cringes down my spine and turns every tired bone in my body into a passionate one. We all have a right to be born. This is not the type of world I want my children and grandchildren to inherit, and yet the reality is that responsibility lies on me and my generation, on our listening to the wisdom and mistakes of the generation before us, and on prayer and righteous action.

I wrestle with the idea that kids should have the chance for a fairy tale childhood, where they aren’t aware that the world has grown crazy. I want to protect their innocence and wonder but also teach them how to grow in strength and common sense–instead of being pulled into a outside storm of chaos and war. The reality is that our kids can’t be shielded from the development of the world around us. They have to be educated in bite-sized pieces to be able to apply a simple strategy to sometimes complicated surroundings. They need to be told the truth about history and current events in a way that honors their age while also teaches them leadership skills that they will undoubtedly need in the future.

So that’s what we’re working with this month! Our circumstances can make us feel down, until we remember we have the solutions. Our challenges can make us feel weak or unqualified, until we remember we have strategies for growth. Our world can feel like a lot of weight to bare, until we remember that there is always time for joy.

Join us if you like, and write down our mantra (and sign it!) for yourself where you can often see it….as we take big problems and create bite-sized strategies!

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