You guys! Thanks for joining me on this June detox towards Minimalism! I know that I cleaned out (more) closets in my house, minimized more clutter, made more human connections in real life, and also created some healthier boundaries for myself simply by writing to you about what I’d already been working on in my own life process.  It’s good to have a format to express what we’re learning because I find that I end up learning even MORE!

It’s been refreshing for me as a mom not only to minimize but also to give myself the room to create.  When I get rid of things, it’s good to fill back up with purpose, and it’s great to feel like a task got completed!  It seems to me that this gives me more and more joy and more and more opportunity.  It also keeps me more sane because my multi-tasking continues to decrease and my life force continues to increase.

Speaking of, once you’ve downsized your belongings and wardrobe, decided what and who you really love, created some healthy support systems, have given yourself a creative outlet (social media counts!)…..sometimes, well, it can feel quiet.  And it’s in that quiet that often a little noise comes to the surface.  I’ve noticed that at first it might feel a little like boredom or depression, which seems ironic since I’ve just released a bunch of things that make me unhappy and cluttered up.  But what happens is that as soon as my outside environment gets a handle on things, all of those inside feelings that were harbored and stuffed and not allowed a voice….they just start brimming to the surface.  Honestly, after I de-cluttered a lot in my life, I gave myself the room to take some good naps.  I also drank a lot of water, and I started to write down a lot of my feelings.  It felt a bit deep for a week or two, and I really became aware of all that was hiding beneath my physical “stuff”.  Soon after the feelings emerged onto the paper, I got a fresh wind and some new ideas. I had more freedom and more space because I didn’t feel so subconsciously heavy, and that works wonders for a mom who is trying to care for herself while also caring for her family.

So, if you’ve followed this series and felt yourself called to minimize: do it! And after you do each step, give yourself some time to rest in that quiet/noise.  Write some things down that your heart wants to say, and then get ready to start cooking up something good!  We can do that with food (breakfast recipes coming in July!), or we can also do that with other creative outlets….which leads me to my next point: Summer of Mom!

We spent all of June detoxing (if you will), so I’d like to spend July filling up. With that, I’m planning a daily self-care tip on our Instagram feed (@thehumphreytable) this month to give moms (and dads!) some peps in their steps.  It will cost you next to nothing, and it will be fun to have something to look forward to every day that is all-about-you! So, consider following along if you’d like to, and we’ll spend some time together with a daily dose of refreshment.

Thanks for doing the hard work to make life simple. Ironic, but true!

See you very soon…. #summerofmom


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