Honesty, simplicity, and a side of humor!  Family life is the glue that holds our society together.  It’s within this context of family that we develop our identities, we learn how to love and rest, and we nourish our souls (and bellies). That’s what the kitchen table is all about!

As a young mother of three (plus one giant dog), I desired a creative outlet where I could share some of our homeschool tips, favorite recipes, DIY’s, and simple presence from the family table. I love our small town living and wanted to be able to give back to our community in a way that is practical and fun. A blog is the perfect space!

I don’t know about you, but our family doesn’t have it all together–and I’ll be honest about that! But that’s what makes us normal (right?!?!). Yet young family life–the good, the learning curve, and even the messy, is something to be celebrated! And so I welcome you into “some” snippets of our daily lives.  Here I hope you’ll find a few healthy meals, food for thought, some tips to relax, and an art project or two– not only to adorn your kitchen table but also to feed and refresh your soul. As a homeschooling mother, I spend a good deal of time in this space!

So though we are busy, we are also grateful for the many ways in which God provides and sits with us! And when you build a big table (maybe David will show us how to do that), you invite your friends over for food, presence, and fun. Even if the house isn’t all cleaned up.

(And since we’ve all got young kids, we’ll all still end up in a bath before bedtime anyway. So you might as well order some salt soaks or two to take with you!)

Welcome to our blog! You are family here.

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David’s Bio: David is the steady North. World traveler by day, foodie by night. Daddy keeps it real by cooking up family brunch, monitoring how many lights are turned on in the house, and creating custom wood work pieces.

Sarah’s Bio: Sarah is the joyful Everywhere. Mom-central by day, flying Tinkerbell by night. Mama is in charge of everything from cuddles to schoolwork, spends way too much time sweeping the floor, and enjoys dabbling in art, writing, and holistic health.

Ella, Lucy, Oliver: The Humphrey kids. Their diet consists of laughs, sibling arguments, and hugging.  You’ll love their flair for life, their dreams of being YouTube stars, and the compassion they have for others.

Lola: She’s the family dog. St. Berdoodle by breed, she keeps us cuddling and eats our straggling shoes.

“Keep it Simple, Keep it Free:

Honor One Another with Love & Good Deeds.”