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I know, it’s been awhile!  One thing you’ll notice about our quirky Humphrey Table blog is that, well, I am not exactly consistent when it comes to my updates outside of our actual kitchen table!!  A tragedy, I realize, as I know you are waiting fervently for me to send out the latest craziness that has happened at our house–because you are a devoted fanbase (do you sense my silly sarcasm?)! Though I may not have caught on to the “business” side of life, I do like to be present in the practical side of life….and so, I may choose to wipe my 3 year old’s bootie (like for the whole month of August) instead of documenting something else silly that happened…because, well, a clean bootie is highly important to me!

With that being said, my goal is that as my kids grow, my consistency in this blog would also grow! But when it comes to my family table time, I will continue to keep that in the right order. 🙂 

The beauty in this transition is that my third baby starts school next week, and so it gives me the room to expand my time for community! And so, I want to gather any and all moms who might like a creative 40 days to rest in grace, to fill up simply and practically, and to make a new friend or two.  I’ve done this online book club two or three times previously, and it is always a joy (literally!) to see who shows up, who wants to make room for self-care, and who would like to expand their love tank.

The format is SIMPLE!  This is what you need to know:

Starting September 9, we will go through “40 Days to a Joyful Motherhood” together! You can simply read a 10 minute devotional daily which includes a practical snippet from my motherhood journey, a Scripture, and a prayer along with doodling inside an adult coloring page per day that is simple enough to complete in ONE DAY! You can also enlist your kids to help with this part if you like; my kids LOVE helping!

Throughout the 40 Days, this book is divided into 8 topics or chapters. That means that we will have an online “connecting day” at the beginning of each of those chapters.  Practically speaking, our time together consists of meeting every 5th day while starting a new topic. On that day, I will post several times in our online Facebook group (through FB Live videos, songs, funny memes, supportive articles and art, questions/answers, etc.). There will be opportunity here to comment and connect with others or participate in the group discussion if you like! Other than this, we will simply just be in our own houses doing our own “homework” (because we all have full days and full lives)! This makes the group simple, fun, low-pressure, and spacious! Perfect for young moms!

Our “Connecting Days” and topics are:

Saturday, Sept. 9: Identity for Mamahood

Thursday, Sept. 14: Expectations, Pain, Hopes, & Dreams

Tuesday, Sept. 19: Releasing Grief & Receiving New Life

Sunday, Sept. 24: Unworthiness & the Comparison Game

Friday, Sept. 29: Self-Acceptance & Peace

Wednesday, Oct. 4: The Cycles of Giving & Self-Care

Monday, October 9: Placing an Emphasis on Presence

Saturday, October 14: Living a Lifestyle of Forgiveness


We complete the book on October 18th!

If you need to purchase a book, you can grab one on Amazon Prime HERE. If you have a Michael’s Craft Store or Lifeway Christian Store near you, you can also purchase one there!

Feel free to share this with anyone you feel could benefit from this type of community; the more the merrier!  My heart for writing this book simply came from my own journaling pages during postpartum.  These were the topics that came up as God was healing my body, promoting my strengths, and meeting me in my weaknesses! He continues to be kind, generous, and present in these ways as I am still learning motherhood and as the book gains more and more community.  I believe wholeheartedly that these are some of the deep roots to experiencing real joy in a precious and exhausting season of life. We provide the nurture for our kids, so it’s important we can take the time to nourish ourselves!


Find me on Instagram @shumpdee to follow extra posts leading up to the bookclub.  You can comment on any post there, and I can add you to the FB group (if you aren’t added already!). Feel free to add friends to the group if you are already “in”!


See you SEPTEMBER 9!! I can’t wait!!!


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